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Bovada Review

Bovada is a great choice for new players, recreational players and players that like a wide variety of bets on a myriad of sports. Bovada also offers a casino and one of the busiest poker rooms in the industry.

One of the best known names in the industry and remain pioneers in taking action on UFC & MMA fights.


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Bodog remains one of the most recognized brand names in offshore sports betting. They've focused on the North American market with considerable success, and are arguably the best known offshore sportsbook among US players and sports fans.

Although their roots are in sports gambling, BoDog has always been an industry leader in finding new business opportunities and exploiting growth in new markets. More so than any of their competitors, BoDog took advantage of the ‘poker boom’ of the early 2000’s to fuel considerable growth in their client base and revenue. With no shortage of competitors that focused specifically on poker, BoDog became a destination site for US players and remains one of the busier card rooms on the Internet. At various points, BoDog expanded the reach of their brand into other areas including live music promotion and even a short lived men’s lifestyle magazine.

One such venture gives BoDog the unique claim of being the only major sportsbook brand to have experience in actively promoting mixed martial arts fights. In 2008, BoDog launched 'BoDog Fight' which produced a weekly syndicated television series and promoted live and PPV events. Though BoDog eventually abandoned their fight promotional activities to focus on their core businesses, they developed a sizable cult following and had a number of top ranked competitors under contract including Fedor Emelianenko and Matt Lindland.

BoDog was one of the first sportsbooks to take action on MMA fights though like their other wagering offerings their target market is the recreational player. BoDog has shown a willingness to take action on lower profile and International events, but doesn't offer the higher limits and wide betting options of other books. For a casual player looking to bet on a UFC event, however, BoDog is a perfect fit.

Bodog has never made any claims to being a shop for ‘wise guys’ or professional players. Their focus is clearly on the recreational gambler reflected by lower limits, clever marketing and easy to use software. many of their competitors. In addition to MMA they offer the sports you'd expect to see at a North American facing sportsbooks including NFL and college football, Canadian Football, NBA and college basketball, NHL hockey and Major League Baseball. NASCAR and Formula 1 racing is also available along with major boxing matches. BoDog has always been known for their 'nonsport' entertainment and political props, though with very low limits.

For big dollar or 'sharp' players, BoDog isn't a good fit. They've made it clear that they're not interested in serving this market with their limits, bet offerings and other policies. For casual sports fans and recreational bettors, however, they're one of the best choices in the industry. MMA fans will find plenty to bet on and general sports fans will also be kept busy with a familiar array of sports wagering options.