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TopBet Review

5 Dimes offers lines on many smaller promotions in North American and around the world that other sportsbooks won't touch. 5 Dimes is a favorite of the sharpest sports bettors on the planet but is also a very welcoming environment for recreational players.

Offers widest variety of MMA betting options. You'll find a huge assortment of bet types and props on the major UFC & MMA events.


Full Review

There are a number of Nevada based and offshore sportsbooks that focus on MMA and UFC betting, but its very likely that 5Dimes Sportsbook is the best. 5Dimes was one of the first sportsbooks to offer MMA wagering and has continually increased the variety of promotions they cover and the number of betting options available. 5Dimes covers not only the major US based promotions like the UFC, Strikeforce and Bellator but has earned a reputation as one of the best sources for wagering on Japanese promotions such as DREAM and K-1. In fact, 5Dimes will often offer lines on smaller promotions like the Irish Cage Contender organization or the US based Shark Fights group.

5Dimes distinguishes themselves not only in the number of organizations they cover but their willingness to book the entire card from preliminaries to main events. Many sportsbooks will take action on only the top fights or at most the fights that are aired on the live PPV broadcast. 5Dimes will frequently take bets on every fight on the card starting with the opening undercard preliminary bout.

Additionally, 5Dimes offers perhaps the widest variety of bet types on MMA in the entire world. Every significant fight offers not only 'to win' betting but Over/Under round proposition betting. Frequently, they'll offer additional betting options such as wagers where the player can pick the winner and the method (KO, submission, decision) for a bigger payback. Most recently, 5Dimes has started to offer 'in fight' wagering on MMA events where the betting odds on the fight are updated between rounds.

The wide depth and breadth of betting options isn't limited to UFC and MMA. 5Dimes has become a popular sportsbook among recreational and serious players alike due to their willingness to take action on sports that many are afraid to touch. This includes small college (1-AA) football, Canadian and Arena professional football as well as European leagues in hockey and basketball. They are also provide some of the most comprehensive soccer offerings of all US facing sportsbooks. 5Dimes also offers a wide range of alternate runlines and pointspreads in most sports.

The 5Dimes website may not be as flashy as some sportsbooks, but they're a favorite of players that want a wide variety of sports betting options. They're considered one of the essential books in all sports for amateur recreational players and serious 'wise guy' professional bettors alike. It's always wide to have a variety of 'outs' in every sport but particularly for UFC and MMA betting enthusiasts an account at 5Dimes is a virtual necessity. With a solid reputation for quick payouts and good customer service and an unmatched variety of sports and bets available, 5Dimes is a sportsbook that offers something for every player regardless of size or betting interest.