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UFC Odds & Lines


UFC betting is becoming more and more popular among sports fans and sports bettors alike. Sportsbooks in Nevada and offshore are offering a wider number of UFC odds on a greater variety of fights. There’s no shortage of great betting value opportunities on just about every MMA event and that all starts with finding the latest UFC betting odds and lines.

As the UFC and the sport of MMA continues to increase in popularity both here in North America and worldwide the number of strong betting opportunities will only increase. The greater amount of MMA betting lines posted by sportsbooks equates to more potential value opportunities. Sportsbooks post moneyline odds on the winners of UFC fights as well as Over/Under round props similar to boxing. Some books also post UFC betting lines on other propositions related to the fight—for example, the bettor can pick not only who will win the fight but by what method (submission, KO, decision). Finally, some sportsbooks offer big potential payouts on the eventuality of a ‘draw’.

Due to the high level of parity throughout the sport of mixed martial arts—and that includes the UFC and other fight promotions—a bettor can often find strong situations where the moneyline underdog in a fight is actually a qualitatively superior fighter to his ‘chalk’ priced opponent. In situations like this the better price a player can find on the MMA betting odds, the higher his potential payout and profit in the event of a win.

To capitalize on this type of situation it’s imperative to have the best information available on the sport. That’s what you’ll find at We’ll provide the latest news and information on MMA from around the world, along with handicapping and sports betting breakdowns on every big UFC and MMA fight This information will allow you to bet to win more often.

Most significantly, will bring you the latest MMA and UFC betting odds from a wide variety of sportsbooks. The best way to profit at UFC betting—and all types of sports betting—is to always get the best price when making your bets. We’ll keep you up to date with the latest updates in UFC betting lines from every major sportsbook from around the world. When the lines are posted on an upcoming UFC event, you’ll find it first at We’ll keep you up-to-date on changes in the MMA betting odds that take place when money comes in on one side of the proposition or the other. This information is crucial in profiting at MMA and UFC betting.

It’s all part of’s commitment to bringing you the best and most comprehensive coverage of MMA and UFC betting that’s available anywhere. Stay up to date with the changes in the sport and the UFC lines and we’ll keep the MMA betting profits heading your way!