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Posted on September 13, 2011 by Jack Thurman

Strikeforce Heavyweight Finalist Daniel Cormier Suffers Broken Hand
Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier was a late addition to the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix field–he joined the group as a replacement for Alistair Overeem after he was fired (and later re-hired) by new owners Zuffa LLC.  Cormier made the most of his opportunity, overwhelming Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva with power punches before ending the fight via TKO in the first round.

Things have since taken a turn for the worse, though the undefeated (9-0) Cormier is determined to overcome the adversity.  He apparently broke his right hand during the win over ‘Bigfoot’ though he remains optimistic that he’ll be able to continue in the tournament and meet Josh Barnett in the finals.

Cormier had the following quote on Twitter giving some details about the injury:

“Just done seeing the doctor. Hand is broken; (I) will be on the shelf for a while, still looking forward to finishing tourney.”

Even before the news of the injury there had not been a date set for the final round fight between Barnett and Cormier, with most expectations pointing toward an early 2012 bout.  Obviously every injury is different, but depending on exactly *how* early in 2012 the fight is expected to take place Cormier might be inside the window to participate without too much of a delay.

Before his victory over Silva, Cormier made clear that he had no problem being a ‘late replacement’:

“Being a replacement is not that big a deal to me.  It doesn’t bring extra pressure because I put enough pressure on myself to be successful. Pressure would only be if I didn’t have high expectations of myself in general. Being in the tournament could not add anything more.”

Strikeforce head Scott Coker suggested a replacement for Cormier in the finals, but that would make an already bad situation even worse.  Cormier’s final round opponent Barnett jokingly suggested a ‘dance off’ with Muhammad ‘King Mo’ Lawal serving as a judge.  That’s unlikely to take place either.

With Cormier’s status still up in the air and no fight date set there’s currently not a UFC betting price on the board for the SF Heavyweight GP Final but its almost certain that former UFC champ Barnett would be a -200 or better favorite against the less experienced Cormier.

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