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Posted on March 12, 2015 by Jack Thurman

Laila Ali Starts The Latest Silly UFC ‘Feud’ With Ronda Rousey

The UFC has a misguided notion that ‘all publicity is good publicity’. That’s why they’ve never met an insipid cross-sport feud that they didn’t like. Anderson Silva calls out Roy Jones and even Floyd Mayweather–both whom would destroy ‘The Spider’ in any type of standup fight–and Dana White chortles and eggs them on. Of course Mayweather and Jones don’t need to dignify this kind of nonsense since they fight in a sport that pays their top stars appropriately.

Now Laila Ali is calling out UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey. Ali’s dad could fight a bit. Actually, he’s the best fighter to ever walk the face of the earth, Muhammad Ali. That’s significant since Laila’s only qualification as a boxer is the fact that she’s the fruit of the loins of ‘The Greatest’. She’s run up an undefeated record against a class of opponent that even the UFC would consider dubious. Her resume of opponents is as pitiful as her father’s was ridiculously tough. Her biggest wins are against a past her prime Christy Martin and Joe Frazier’s daughter who had less business in a boxing ring than Laila does. Throw in the fact that she’s 37 years old, has a couple of kids and hasn’t fought since 2007 and she’e even less of a legitimate challenger.

Ms. Ali is somehow convinced that her three inch height advantage is enough to dominate a fourth degree judo black belt that is also ten years younger than she is. That’s the crux of her claims of superiority against Rousey who disabused her of the notion that the height advantage matters. The last time someone pulled the ‘I’m too big for you to throw me’ card on Rousey it was a male TV sports reporter. She threw him despite wearing a dress for an interview and broke his ribs in the process.

This feud is typically UFC silly but this time the ‘challenger’ is an even bigger joke. The most significant difference between Rousey and Ali is that Rousey is a real fighter and Ali isn’t. Rousey is an Olympic medalist, a legit judo black belt and has a ridiculously dominant record in MMA competition. Even more significantly, her expertise is in judo–a martial art that’s primary purpose is to use leverage and submission holds to beat larger opponents. Ali began boxing when she was 18 years old after seeing Christy Martin on TV.

At this stage in their relative careers it’s not even a lock that Ali could beat Rousey in a boxing match. In a match up between a real boxer and real MMA fighter in would be a fait accomplit. In a match between a sideshow attraction and a real MMA fighter that won’t get it done.

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