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Posted on July 11, 2012 by Jack Thurman

GSP Stars In Google Nexus 7 ‘Unboxing Video’

There’s an Internet phenomenon known as the ‘unboxing video’. Typically it’s reserved for highly anticipated tech gadgets like new iPhones and video game consoles–the lucky recipients of the new device videotape the proceedings as they lovingly unpack their new toy.

Google has raised the bar for unboxing videos with a new ‘production’ highlighting the new Nexus 7 tablet. They’ve recruited UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre to ‘star’ as a character named ‘Dr. Paul’ in a Nexus 7 unboxing video. GSP gets his new Nexus 7 in the mail but has to fight off some ninjas before he can enjoy the device. The film takes place in his ‘apartment’ decorated with all sorts of Google gadgets and Android memorabilia.

This is the latest in a series of ‘official’ Google unboxing videos and one tradition has been established–they’ve all got stop action clay motion animation (aka ‘clay-mation) created by Patrick Boivin. That tradition was cool enough but now they’ve topped themselves by adding Georges St. Pierre to the mix. His critics might quip that the *real* GSP would have taken the ninjas down and laid on top of them for five rounds to grind out a decision, but it’s still fun to see him entering the geek world in this way.

GSP will re-enter the cage on November 17th 2012 for UFC 154 where he’ll take on Carlos Condit. For the time being at least he doesn’t have to worry about suspended welterweight challenger Nick Diaz who is almost certainly the most dangerous threat to his title reign in the sport at this time. Condit is a solid contender who has revitalized his career in the past few years, but it’s doubtful that he’ll be able to handle GSP’s superior wrestling skills. Current UFC betting odds have GSP installed as a -360 betting favorite with a +270 underdog price on Condit.

As for the Nexus 7, it’s the heavily anticipated new 7 inch tablet that will be released running the newest version of the Android operation system (4.1.1 Jelly Bean). It’s perceived as a possible ‘game changer’ due to it’s impressive hardware specifications and very appealing price point ($199 retail). It’s available for pre-order now on the Google Play Store and is expected to start shipping to retail outlets in the US within the next couple of weeks.

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