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Posted on June 18, 2012 by Jack Thurman

Gray Maynard Protests Clay Guida’s Hair

MMA is a diverse sport in terms of nationality and ethnicity, but in many ways there are few sports more heterogeneous in terms of personal appearance, style and persona. Most UFC fighters go for a ‘metrosexual’ look with a shaved head and cleanly waxed body–with a few ill advised ‘tribal’ tattoos thrown in lest they be mistaken for a ‘twink’ when out at the local bar. Veteran fighter Clay Guida is an exception with his wild long hair. And that’s become an issue in his upcoming fight at UFC on FX 4–in fact, his opponent has formally protested Guida’s hair to the New Jersey Athletic Control Board.

Maynard made a formal request to the oversight body nearly a month ago. Under the unified rules of mixed martial arts–recognized by virtually all state athletic commissions–individual commissions are allowed to rule on “whether head or facial hair presents any hazard….or will interfere with the supervision and conduct of the contest or exhibition.” If Guida wanted to make an issue of it he could–the usual process would be for both camps to go before the commission for a hearing to determine whether the protest is valid. In this case, however, Guida’s camp decided they didn’t want the hassle and indicated that their fighter’s hair will be braided for the bout against Maynard.

According to the New Jersey Commission Guida “doesn’t want to do it” and isn’t “100 percent happy about it” but is “being very understanding and very cooperative.” Guida’s wild hair is something of a trademark–in fact, when the first UFC video game came out rendering his locks during the fight sequences proved to be so difficult that the programmers gave up. Dana White offered Guida $10,000 to cut his hair so he could be included in the game. Guida replied that it would take a few more zeros on the end of that bonus for him to consider it.

As far as the implications of Guida’s hair in actual UFC fights it’s never been an issue before–in fact, most observers consider it a disadvantage for several reasons. It can obstruct Guida’s vision during a fight and makes a more compelling visual when he takes a hard punch. And while hair pulling isn’t technically allowed fighters in the past have used hair for leverage if they can get away with it.

Guida is one of the most popular fighters in the UFC and is famous for his high level of cardio conditioning, his ability to take a punch and his overall heart and tenacity. Despite this, Maynard is a sizable UFC betting favorite priced at -340 with takeback on Guida at +280. The fight takes place Friday, June 22 in Atlantic City, NJ.

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