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Posted on February 20, 2012 by John Petit

Around The Octagon: Jackson Will Corner Jones, White Thinks Condit Should Wait, Silva Sonnen 2
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Renowned MMA Coach and expert game planner Greg Jackson has remained neutral as long as he could with the UFC Light-Heavyweight title coming right around the corner. He currently coaches Jon Jones, and challenger and former champion Rashad Evans was a former student of his as well. Jackson swore he would never coach team mates if they decided to fight against each other, and even though Evans publicly left his camp, he aid he was torn on if he should step away from the fight or still coach Jones. Jackson has decided he will coach Jones after all, and I am sure its no shock to Rashad Evans as well. It was surprising to some he was even considering NOT coaching and cornering the current champion.

As time goes on, it looks more and more like Carlos Condit will not be defending the interim welterweight championship belt. There was a heavily rumored rematch between Condit and Diaz when Diaz tested positive for Marijuana. Now that the rematch is a no go, even Dana White is saying he thinks Condit should wait on the sidelines until current champion Georges St. Pierre returns to the octagon. It doesn’t matter how any of us scored the Diaz Condit fight anymore after the positive test, but I think it’s important to mention that I would be saying this if Diaz had been holding the belt. Condit should have to defend the belt because otherwise you have a number one contender, and not an actual interim champion. Belts are supposed to be defended. After his dominant win over Diego Sanchez at UFC On FUEL, Jake Ellenberger has been very vocal about the same sentiments. He has said “Lets make it clear, I want to fight Condit for the Interim Belt.

There has been a crazy amount of rumors about Anderson Silva Vs. Chael Sonnen 2 being a done a deal, but recently Sonnen said he still hasn’t officially been offered the fight. Said to be happening sometime in June, in Brazil says Dana White, that will also feature other local stars. One of the things holding the show up is a shoulder injury that Silva has been nursing back to health after surgery.  Silva said in an interview with Sherdog that he is back training, but far from 100%. The champ said “I’m always doing some BJJ training in a gi with the guys so I keep everything well-adjusted, but due to the injuries to my shoulder/back I’m a little slow. I’m doing physical therapy and nursing it enough so when I’m really back training there aren’t any injuries that hinder me.”

The 37 year old said he doesn’t heal as quick as he used to, “You reach a certain age where you don’t heal as fast so you have to take your time.  I don’t want anything to be wrong when I come back to the real hard training. I’ll continue doing physical therapy until the pain goes away and I’ll keep up the workouts.” SIlva has about 6 weeks until a full blown camp for a June fight would start, and that depends on when in June they book the date.

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