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Posted on October 30, 2011 by John Petit

After Win Over Penn, Nick Diaz Will Be Next Challenger For St. Pierre’s Belt

At the press conference for UFC 137, UFC President Dana White said that welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre was so infuriated at what Nick Diaz said in thecage after his win over BJ Penn, that he insisted the two fight now. Diaz basically implied that GSP ducked out of the fight and faked an injury, and even though GSP made lighthearted faces when it was going on-it was obviously something that bothered him. White also announced that Carlos Condit who was supposed to fight GSP next agreed to step aside.

Diaz was originally supposed to face GSP, but when he failed to attend media obligations UFC switched his opponent to BJ Penn. Carlos Condit was announced as the replacement for Diaz, but then GSP pulled out of the fight with an injury. When a reporter told Diaz’s trainer and manager Cesar Gracie that GSP jumped off the cage when the fighter he was cornering won, Gracie had a story to share as well. Gracie says “He ran past me earlier. I mean, he literally ran past me. Look, he’s a great guy. He’s a black belt under Renzo Gracie. I don’t know the guy that well personally, but I’m going to tell you guys something right now. Nick Diaz missed a press conference and he’s here and fought. The guy that went to the press conference didn’t fight. That’s all I have to say about it.”

When he was asked directly about if he thought GSP was faking or not, Gracie wouldn’t answer. He did say that Diaz was injured and he still fought, “Nick was injured and he still fought. Nick hurt his hamstring, he’s got a knee injury. These fighters train so hard that they’re going to get the injuries and everything, but despite his injuries, that guy was here for the fans and he’s a warrior just like BJ. I think people appreciate that.”

As far as what Cesar Gracie thinks of Diaz’s chances against GSP, since it looks like the fight will happen Superbowl Weekend, Gracie spoke highly of his fighter. Gracie said “I’m confident. I was confident about this fight and I’m confident about that fight. It’s five rounds with Nick Diaz. That’s a long time to have that guy in the cage with you. You know what I mean? Three rounds is long enough. Five rounds is very long. GSP is a great athlete. He’s a great black belt, but Nick Diaz is an animal, so I think that’s going to be the biggest fight in the history of the UFC.”

If Diaz has one hole in his game it has been his wrestling, and that just happens to be one of the things that GSP excels at. When Gracie was asked if he was concerned about Diaz being out pointed, Gracie said he wasn’t worried about that happening. Gracie said “He’s in that spot right now though that he can’t play that kind of [wrestling] game for the reason that people don’t want to see that game anymore. What you guys saw tonight is two warriors fighting—Hawaiian warrior and then Stockton guy.” He continued “The people now understand that and they want to see that. Georges trying to play that game, A: it’s going to backfire on him, and B: it’s very hard to do that with Nick. He doesn’t stay down. He moves constantly and then you’re in his world of jiu-jitsu and I believe Nick has the better jiu-jitsu of the two. There’s no question.”

As of right now Carlos Condit doesn’t have a dance partner for the Superbowl card, but the UFC says he will still fight on that card. Malki Kawa, Condit’s sometimes outspoken manager, is saying that Condit has not stepped aside for the Diaz fight to happen. Kawa said via twitter that GSP is pulling out of the fight to fight Diaz, and Condit isn’t side stepping a thing.

One thing is for sure, the drama for the fight between Diaz and GSP is just beginning, and whenever Diaz is involved you can count on their being plenty to go around. It seems like the momentum is already beginning for what could be a huge fight for the UFC.

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