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UFC Betting 101


Breaking Down UFC On FX 1: The Main Card

Yesterday I broke down the main event of the first UFC On FX card, and below is the numbers breakdowns as well as my picks [...]


The Basics of MMA & UFC Betting

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Introduction to UFC Handicapping

Every sport betting discipline requires a different handicapping process and even within an individual sport there’s no ‘one size fits all’ method of determining winners [...]

UFC Betting 101

Betting on MMA and UFC events offers a ton of good value opportunities that you can transform into serious profits. It's no longer a minor sport with 'cult' appeal—at least in the eyes of Nevada and offshore sportsbooks. Even the smallest sportsbook now posts odds on the major UFC events. Bigger bookmaking establishments cover fights from lower tier promotions and offer a wider arrange of betting opportunities on the big events. The growing number of UFC betting opportunities means that there's an ever increasing number of chances for you to make money. Value betting opportunities abound in MMA—it's not uncommon to find matchups where the better fighter is the moneyline underdog. This makes for a positive expectation betting situation and is the path to long term profits.

Of course you need to know where to look and what to bet and that's where we come in. Our editorial team isn't a group of fanboys living in their parents' basement but sports betting professionals who specialize in MMA handicapping and who have decades of full time experience beating the lines. They'll bring you the news, information, matchup information and sports book wisdom that you need to make money betting on UFC and MMA events.

They've also compiled some of their most important information and significant expertise into a series of UFC and MMA betting guides. Here's where you'll learn the underlying theories about how to bet on MMA and—most importantly—how to accurately handicap MMA events and find good betting value. With this information, the updated news on this site, and a little effort there's no limit to the money you can make at UFC betting. This information will take you from a complete novice to a confident MMA betting expert.

No other resource online or off brings you as much high level, actionable information and expertise. For that reason make sure to bookmark this site, subscribe to our RSS feeds and check back often. We're committed to not only making you a smarter, more successful and better informed MMA bettor but to put a lot of money into your pockets as well.