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Posted on August 27, 2011 by John Petit

Breaking Down UFC 134: The Main Event-Silva Vs Okami

Middleweight Championship:
Anderson Silva (champion) Vs. Yushin Okami 

Anderson Silva
(Defending Middleweight Champion)

87% Fights Won
67% Striking Accuracy
76% Takedown Accuracy

Reach: 77.6 in
Record: 30-4
UFC Record: 13-0
Last 5: 5-0
Streak: +14

*Extra Numbers on Anderson Silva
Most consecutive title defenses (Eight) in UFC History
Most successful title defenses (Eight) in UFC History
Most consecutive wins in UFC History (Thirteen)
Longest UFC title reign in UFC History

Yushin Okami

80% Fights Won
39% Striking Accuracy
50% Takedown Accuracy

Odds: +425
Reach: 72 in
Record: 26-5
UFC Record: 10-2
Last 5: 4-1
Streak: +3

The first time Yushin Okami and Anderson Silva fought it was a one sided fight. Anderson Silva was schooling Yushin Okami on the outside of his punches, and Okami was diving in for take downs Silva could see minutes before they happened. Okami turned a corner quickly on Silva and was finally able to take Anderson down. Silva was being his violent self on the floor, and had wrist control of Okami, and he spun his leg over the top of Okami’s then pinned hand, and booted Okami in the face. Knocking him out. Silva had been fighting in Pride, and when he fought in a regional promotion state side they had a rule where you could strike a grounded opponent. The tournament had no such rule, and Silva was disqualified and Okami was declared the winner.

The loss would be the last loss of Silva’s career heading into UFC 134, and he has since won 14 fights-13 of them were in the UFC(the longest streak in UFC history.) With his stunning front kick KO of Vitor Belfort he captured a few other UFC records as well. It would be the 8th time Silva defended his belt, and made it the most defended title and most consecutive title wins. He has made exceptional fighters look slow and foolish in two weight divisions, and even defended to the title against Chael Sonnen with a rib injury. Its also worth mentioning that he unified the Pride and the UFC middleweight belt when he defeated current Strikeforce middleweight champion Dan Henderson by rear naked choke at UFC 82.

Yushin Okami is certainly the most successful MMA fighter to come out of Japan. Okami has always been able to string together wins, but it when it came time for a title eliminator he fell short. This happened twice in the UFC, once to Rich Franklin at UFC 72 and to Chael Sonnen at UFC 104 (he lost both fights by decision.) He used to finish a lot of fighters, but since coming to the UFC Okami has only been able to finish three fighters in his ten wins (one TKO was due to a cut.) Most recently he defeated Nate Marquardt by Decision at UFC 122 in a gutsy performance.

Okami is in a tough spot. If he stands with Silva he will have a tough time staying conscious, if goes to the ground with Silva he could end up getting submitted or brutalized from the bottom, and if he clinches with Silva he will most likely be mauled with knees to the body and to the head. Okami is going to want to take Silva down and work from half guard landing just enough shots to look busy. I don’t think he will be able to do it though, and once again we will see how special of a fighter Anderson Silva is. In the last fight Silva got the loss, but he wasn’t the fighter who ended up in the hospital. Both of these fighters have gotten better since 2006, but there is no way Yushin’s abilities have eclipsed Anderson’s. Silva will win this one by TKO at the end of round one. Its a tempting bet at +400 for Okami, but I would only place that bet if I felt strongly about Okami winning.

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